I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Istana Bambu

Istana BambuLast week, I was in Malaysia with my friends on vacations. I must say that it is indeed a beautiful place with so many attractions that soothe our eyes. I was mostly impressed by Malaysian food. Me and my friends visited numerous hotels, but as far as my favourite one is concerned, it is undoubtedly ‘Istana Bambu’. It is located at Jalan Hulu Kelang-Ampang. The english meaning of Istana Bambu is Bamboo Palace. The restaurant is surrounded by tall trees and set amid a specially designed paddy field. It is just perfect for family and close friends to enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

What impressed me the most about the restaurant is that it is nearly 100 percent bamboo construction; however, with a modern twist for people, who prefer contemporary style. The interior of the restaurant is superb with chairs and wooden tables decoration. It all created a picture of a village in front of my eyes. I also really liked their small green pond with lots of green plants.

As far as food is concerned, it was delicious; however, I found that the prices are slightly high. Before entering the dinning area, visitors need to remove their shoes, because they follow the Malay traditional way of eating by sitting on the floor. The restaurant also hosts numerous events like weddings, fashion shows and many more.

We are so impressed by Istana Bambu that we have already made our mind to celebrate my next birthday party at this place. I must say that everyone should visit this peaceful place at least once in their life.


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