My memorable visit to the Subak restaurant

Subak restaurantI am extremely fond of traveling. I have so far visited Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, to name just a few among many countries. Last week, I was in Malaysia with my friends. We were there for 15 days and we visited almost all the famous attractions of the country. We were extremely impressed by the Malaysian restaurants. We visited many restaurants and mine most favourite among all is Subak restaurant.

The restaurant is on the edges of the natural virgin jungles of Bukit Lanjan. I was amazed to see the quality of food and personalized service. The best thing is that the food is reasonably priced. Their menu includes a wide range of foods like Malay, Western and hawkers’ food, as well. I found this place so close to nature. We really enjoyed the restaurant’s peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

This place is the ideal option for holding garden functions like parties, weddings and family gatherings. The locals told me that the name of the restaurant ‘Subak‘ is taken from the water  irrigation system in Bali island. This is the reason Subak keeps the dynamic Balinese culture alive along with blending its rustic décor with unique and functional furniture and fittings.

I have already planned another trip to Malaysia with a view to celebrate my daughter’s next birthday in this restaurant so that she too can get a chance to feel the nature so closely.


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