Laneige Homme Active Water Cleanser for men

Laneige-HommeSkin care is considered one of the important daily activity among women. Earlier, men used to pay very little attention to their skin; however, the scenario has changed now. Today, even men take proper care of their skin and this is why there are a number of skin protection products that are just for men. Nowadays, there are numerous brands that are launching specific collection for men. These collections not only include the basic skin protection products but also specialized products for eye care, anti aging etc.


I like to take proper care of my skin and keep surfing the internet to know whether there is any new product. Last week, I came to know that Laneige has revamped their skincare range for men. I really liked the Laneige Homme Active Water Cleanser. It is a fine and rich lather that contains moisturising ingredients of Mango butter. These ingredients ensure a healthy and beautiful skin.


Laneige Homme collection now carries a better product line extension, as well as, an improved formulation using the Active Oxygen Water that is infused into all the products of the range. It helps to revitalize the tired skin and promotes anti-aging. The ingredient – Active Oxygen Water – is an Amorepacific patented, which combines high concentration of oxygen with 3 basic minerals for the skin like zinc, magnesium and manganese.


I was images of this product on the website of eh magazine i.e. The Laneige Homme comes in a modern and trendy packaging. I have used the brand’s products in the past also and I found the latest collection more comprehensive and extensive. It covers Basic Hydration Care that includes a sleeping pack, Pore Care, Sun Care and Cooling.


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