Latest Season of The Nate Berkus Show

a2I just love decorating my home and keep trying some new ideas to give it a new look. Some ideas just come instantly and for others I used to surf the web. From using that extra space in kitchen, selecting colours for sitting area, matching cushions with curtains to setting up a romantic  bedroom, I used to dedicate a lot of time for getting the best idea. However, a show based on home decorating ideas came one fine day and Internet expenses get reduced as all the ideas I used to search for are here. I just have to tune in. It is ‘The Nate Berkus Show‘.

I am just happy to know that the show is back for the latest season. Hosted by the renowned interior designer, Nate Berkus, the show provides innovative ideas to decorate home. Furthermore, it also covers topics of entertainment and lifestyle, inviting guests of respective interest.

In the year 2002, Nate was invited to design a small space for ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ and after this he got the spinoff. He love to surround himself with things that hold importance for him. Based on this philosophy, he has even written a book ‘The Things That Matter’ which illustrates the meaning of things he have in his collection.

I truly agree with what Nate believes in that the objects in your home should tell a story. I have even tried to incorporate his home décor (Hiasan Rumah) philosophy while redecorating my room. This time I took out all those gifts from childhood to teenage and arranged them in my room. Yes, they do tell a story, they make me remember all those sweet and sour memories of my life.

The show is liked by the world’s richest host, Oprah Winfrey and don’t miss the exciting opportunity  to catch the show on Life Inspired channel on every Wednesday at 10.30pm. Watch Nate taking up design challenges and start loving the way you live.


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