My favorite four mascara for beautiful eyes

mascaraMascaras are one of the most important element of any woman’s makeup. Eye shadows and eyeliners enhance the beauty of a woman and mascara completes the look. It can make a difference to your whole face. It makes your eyes look deeper and detailed and offers you the look for which you was striving. There are four mascaras that are my all time favorite that ensure beautiful eyes (mata yang cantik).

The first one is Clinique Lash Power Mascara. I like it for its staying power of 24 hours without a smudge or smear. It remains intact in rain, sweat, tears or humidity. You can also remove it easily with warm water. I also like this mascara as its unique brush reaches even the tiniest of lashes and makes them beautifully lengthy. The best thing is that it is safe foe sensitive eyes, as well as, contact lens wearers. It is available in two hues – soft blue and black.

My second pick is M·A·C ‘Zoom Fast Black Lash’ Mascara. I really like this intensely rich, deep and carbon-black mascara as it quickly lifts the lashes for incredible length and volume. My third pick is Majolica Majorca Glamour Volume On mascara. It is in a shade of deep violet and creates thick, lustrous and dreamy lashes, just like a flower in full bloom. I think that this is just the perfect mascara that completes your eye make-up (solekan mata).

My fourth favorite mascara is Empro Day & Night Mascara that is blended with natural herbal ingredients along with the formula of antioxidants. It is enriched with Vitamin E and suitable for even sensitive eyes.


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