Justin Jedlica gone through 90 cosmetic surgeries

Plastic surgery procedures begun as medical treatments; however, they have grown into cosmetic surgeries. Every day, we hear numerous stories about celebrities going through such surgeries. It has become a common thing these days; however, there are many people who take it to the extreme and one such person is Justin Jedlica. He is from New York City. The thing that makes this man so popular is that he has gone through 90 cosmetic procedures in the past 10 years. The surgeries included different parts of his body, right from pectoral implants to cheek augmentation.  Justin Jedlica

Justin has spend approximately $100,000 on the procedures. Many people think that his sculpted physique is because he is a gym fanatic; however, the reality is that his muscles include more plastic than meat. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that most of the upper part of his body has been enhanced with silicon implants. He is still not worried about having so much plastic in his body.

As far as the surgeries are concerned, he had six-pack implants, pectoral implants, triceps and biceps implants. He has gone through all the surgeries so as to gain the look that he desired. He started the surgeries with his glutes as he wanted to make his buttocks tighter, perkier and harder; instead of going to gym, he selected implants. It took 13 surgeries to get what he wanted and his passion is continue even today.

Now, after gone through 90 different plastic surgeries, he has transformed himself into a real-life Ken doll.


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