Former radio actor offers a special reward to be his wife

All the single girls can grab the opportunity to be a property owner and wife of former radio jockey, Ibrahim Othman. A 83 year old man is decided to offer his land with bungalow to any girl who is willing to be his wife. He decided this while undergoing treatment at Hospital Kuala Lumpur.

While doing his popular radio drama, “Awang Gard”, he get nervous illness and undergone trauma. He was not picked up by his son when he gets discharged from hospital after treatment. Hospital had sent him to day centers. After this, Ibrahim then decided to marry nay woman, no matter whether she is old, local or from Indonesia. He need a woman who can take care of him. Ibrahim will give his all property to the prospective wife as a reward.

Ibrahim Othman (Ibrahim Othman) hired long two-storey bungalow several years ago, and residential rent management is done by his son. So, if you are ready to become his wife then go for it. This story may be a lesson for all of us that don’t ever forget your parents. Whosoever is interested in becoming his wife, do it sincerely not just because of the property offered. Don’t just go to him because you want money, help him as if you are a true woman.




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